Linkstorm III

On Internet Topology: “(…) The internet as territory is more similar to multidimensional foam than it is to the plane. This has profound implications for those institutions that transfer or that originate wholly within the space of the Internet. (…)”

Very interesting Political Analysis of WitchTok by Esmé Partridge: ” (…) On the one hand, it is likely conscious of itself in this regard; it shares notions of power, revolution and the uprooting of tradition (in this case, traditional religion) with the so-called radical left, and this is very much part of its appeal. However, other elements of WitchTok — namely, its ties to neoliberal capitalism and its individualistic foundations — are more covert, and arguably contradict the craft’s free-spirited and antinomian credo. (…)

A promising tool for Youtube political research called “(…) We track the views of more than 8K political channels every day and provide an interactive viz for you to see what’s happening daily on YouTube. (…)”.

According to Real Life Mag, robots are not your friends:(…) By putting anthropomorphic robots — too cute to harm, or too scary to mess with — between us and themselves, bosses and corporations are doing what they’ve always done: protecting their property, creating fealty and compliance through the use of proxies that attract loyalty and deflect critique. (…)”

EvolutionistX showing her trademark common sense On Masks: “(…)Rather, I read the question as less about medical policy and more about political tribalism: “Here are the new shibboleths of my tribe. Will you accept them, or do you reject them? (…)”

From Tundranaut, Disastrous Amateurism, an idea for a TV-series: “(…) The story of a rookie cop on the homicide beat who’s obsessed with “weird” philosophy. (…)”

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