Linkstorm XXV

Planetocracy, a recent discovery, on nuclear fusion and solar system economies: “(…) Going back to my original argument – the large scale behaviour of an extraterrestrial civilisation, as seen from a distance, will be governed by the ergovore i.e. by its fasting growing component, and as explained above solar will always be a faster growing component than fusion. (…)”

Another recent cool discovery, on robotics and linguistics: (…) As a case point very relevant to ideas of robotics and control, there are languages that do not have ways of expressing ideas in local coordinates. Speakers of Guugu Yimithirr only can express locations and events in the context of global coordinates: North, south, east, and west.(…)”

Sonya (supposedly)’s latest installment is as evocative as usual; it’s full of cool links aswell: “(…) Even if I could have known in advance how much I’d change, we’d all end up in the same places, saying the same lines. (…)”

Some #realtalk from Real Life Mag: “(…) Choices in life become “gambles,” as one scrambles to find bits of work or the big payout that would allow one to escape the condition of alienated work altogether, and our knowledge and skills become like assets that we must plan to increase the value of and deploy for high returns as performance in this arena is individualized.(…)”

Good stuff to now about Bayraktar Diplomacy in the reignited Afghan scenario: “(…) Based around small-footprint interventions that seek to maximise both political and military impact at low financial and humanitarian cost, Bayraktar Diplomacy essentially constitutes a new type of warfare that is uniquely suited to the characteristics of modern-day conflicts. (…)”

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