Linkstorm XXIV

Isegoria provides sources on the curious absence of Nepalese famous runners: “(…) Kenya’s long-distance runners live at altitude, David Epstein notes (in The Sports Gene), but some people ask, “If it’s just the altitude, where are the runners from Nepal?” (…)”

Doxometrist interviews Rupert August on the subject of prisons:”(…) You said that prisons are really a waste on every front, a waste of space, a good night watchman and the prisoners skills. You also mentioned that violence can be made useful. That’s your motivation for the improvements to the current prison paradigm. Let me start with this question – any such system needs to fill some border conditions, right? (…)

Palladium magazine provides insight on The Myth of Panic: “(…) Why this fear of panic? What would have been wrong with allowing the public to feel afraid? Contrary to Lightfoot’s reassurances, there was a reason for the citizens of Chicago—and the rest of us—to “be fearful.” Yet leaders on both sides of the Pacific, at both the local and national levels, among both the politicians and the opinion-makers, were determined to keep their people as far away from fear as possible. (…)”

StreetView documenting the pandemic: “(…)The occasional, anticipatory mask is visible behind a de-identifying face blur. Based on the number of people stopped in the middle of the sidewalk, hunched over their phones, texting manically, one assumes these photos were taken during the first week of March, when wealthy Americans began to plan their escape. (…)”

We noticed a little bit late, but here’s an interesting post by Justin Murphy on St Augustine: “(…) The implication is that adopting allegiance to the correct belief-and-practice stack matters more with the onset of the digital revolution than before the digital revolution. Choose correctly and you spiral upward (the City of God), choose incorrectly and you spiral downward (the earthly City). (…)”

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