Linkstorm XXII

Here you can find two (1,2) cool book reviews by EvolutionistX, about the fascinating topic of German-Ottoman collaboration during the Great War: ” (…) With the war finished on the Western Front, the remaining British and French forces so outweighed the small Arab force that they more or less dictated the terms of the settlements with the Ottomans. The Arab troops were helpful for distracting and worrying Turkish troops during the war, but once the fighting was over, their utility was spent. (…) “

Those interested in philosophy should check out James Simpkin’s articles, such as this one: ” (…) Instead, coupling negative capability with Nietzsche’s perspectivism allows Nietzsche’s nihilism to be conceived of as his artistic leitmotif, his jumping off point for his artistic-philosophical project without it actually having to be a statement of fact. (…) “

Beautiful thoughts expressed in Eternal Agriculture by Counterengineer: “(…) The foundation of the Eternal City is the family farm. (…)”

Niccolo Soldo’s Dubrovnik interviews, like this one to Mike Cernovich, are as hilarious as the Kinshasa series: (…) Those who begin revolutions rarely end them. Usually those on the vanguard are executed or exhausted, then the managerial class steps in. (…) Men in general should stop watching mafia movies. Life isn’t Goodfellas or Scarface, and you’re not Don Corleone. (…) “

Justin Murphy presents the bullish case for Urbit, an innovation we have been curious about for some time: “(…) I went through all the objections on Hacker News and many of them boil down to “So it’s just a glorified personal server?” or “You can already do this with X, Y, or Z.” I would reject all objections of this type because what’s crucial is not particular technical affordances but a system that can link technical affordances and a brand that can channel collective social energy into a network effect. (…)”

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