Linkstorm XIX

Our source for astrological wisdom, type studies, offers a much-awaited new dispatch: “(…) Two centuries on, the God-shaped hole that the Enlightenment shot through the heart of the West remains unfilled; neither totalizing ideologies nor endless circuses and bread will suffice. As our decadence may not only portend another Great War but also a cataclysmic Fall, concerted efforts to break through this ‘meaning crisis’ are bubbling in digital cauldrons outside the mainstream, coalescing into two general approaches (…)”

More about Counterengineer’s Tradhumanist Research Program: “(…) Tradition is not a mere revival of the past, it is the eternal practice of the just and the right. What we wish for is the ability to continually construct a virtuous society. (…)”

EvolutionistX brings some light, wholesome, much longed for Spring vibes: “(…) Nettles are famous because they’re one of the very first wild plants available in spring and are available almost everywhere. (…)”

From dear friend Tundranaut: “(…) micro-cosmologies (…) esoteric topographies (…) ExoDelirium (…)”

Contrarian statistician William M. Briggs talks about meat: “(…) You can do the math. Works out that tons of impalas, antelope, baboons and more are butchered annually. A lot of pain, a lot of blood. But many happy leopards, too. (…)”

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