Linkstorm XVIII

Fascinating advances in wearable robotics: “(…) The model devised by the researchers is inspired by the mechanisms underpinning the movements of grasshoppers. A simple anatomical experiment, however, revealed that it also effectively replicates the way in which crabs and lobsters move their limbs, which suggests that it reflects the physical structure of most arthropods. (…)”

Verticalist makes it again into this week’s list with a some notes on Luxury Communism: “(…) Here we see that data follows the logic of capital inherently, comprising of limitless sets of flows rather than a definable, strict teleology. Without narrative, without history, we lose the human quality of life and render all activity inhuman and fundamentally dislocated from human (discursive, narrative) control. (…)”

Some esoteric stuff about the North Pole, from a recently discovered cool blog: “(…) The North Pole then represents Paradise, the original home of all, to which we pray to return. (…)”

In defense of miasma theory, by way of Isegoria (plus a bonus funny anecdote): “(…) In our quest for perfect solutions to the current pandemic, we’d forgotten an extremely obvious and simple one — fresh air (…)”

On tradhumanism, by Counterengineer: “(…) The transhumanist would have you believe that all is machine, but clearly a machine is an artifact in the same vein as a hammer. A machine does not have an inherent end to it in the way living substances have. Rather, the machines direction–or equivalently, its form–can only be understood in the context of a human operating it.(…)”

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