Linkstorm XVII

The great Justin Murphy shares some interesting predictions: “(…)Lind suggests that any new cross-class alliance will have to create “powerful mass-membership, working-class organizations…” I do not think this needs to happen, and I do not think it will happen. This is a powerful meme from pre-digital labor history, but I don’t think it bears much scrutiny. It’s the kind of thing Gen X socialists say when they don’t know what else to say. (…)”

EvolutionistX commenting on Bad Content vs. Good: “(…) Ask anyone who’s ever lived in a “planned society”: actually getting societies to work and be good, pleasant places to live in is difficult. Just look at the issues people had in the Soviet Union, the city of Brasilia, or any cult. (…)”

Joseph DeFranco at DefenseIQ has some thoughts on biowarfare and drones: “(…) A recent article in the South China Morning Post reported that Chinese gangs are using drones to spread African swine fever in pig populations, infecting and subsequently killing several herds (…)”

Peter Limberg on Culture War Battlefronts: “(…) A memetic tribe—a term I coined with Conor Barnes—is a group of agents (humans, bots, institutions, etc) that replicate “memes” in a way that engender a verisimilitude of tribalism amongst a group of people. (…) These tribes share a meme complex, or memeplex, which is a constellation of memes. (…)”

A great discovery from this week, Verticalist’s Notes on Mammon: “(…) The end of history and the creation of a Universal and Homogenous State is the return of man to given animal being through his overcoming all potential restraints to freedom — closing the circle of time indefinitely, achieving given animal homo-sapien simplicity through total complexification — imagine a beetle going to the opera. (…)”

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