Linkstorm XV

Vincent Garton published this a year ago , but it reached our gates just now: “(…) Empire, in fact, precedes the modern nation-state not just historically but also logically, and the sovereign states of the contemporary world are comprehensible only as moving parts of the single world empire that triumphed in this colonial struggle: namely, the American empire, whose defeat of the Soviet project in the Cold War represented the victory of a particular maritime, commercial model of world empire over a land-based, spiritual-ethical alternative. This world empire now includes China itself: “China and Russia,” too, “are situated within the American-led system.” No country can exist outside it: they can only rebel against the empire from within. (…)”

Niccolo Soldo’s interview of Alex Kaschuta was equally hilarious and quotable: “(…) Old age is useless in a culture that believes wisdom is reactionary. (…)”

EvolutionistX, as usual, is being correct in this: “(…) To be clear, just because something is a conspiracy doesn’t make it wrong. People have conspired in the past; people will conspire in the future. Sometimes there genuinely is something going on. (…)”

From Isegoria, inexhaustible fountain of references: “(…) The current hysteria over “domestic terrorists” is often compared to incidents in Nazi Germany, Steve Sailer notes, but a better analog might be the Wilson administration’s demonization of German-Americans in 1917 (…)”.

Parallax Optics compares three Neoreactionary OG’s, and shares The Outpost’s scepticism on decentralized insurrectionism: “(…) Troosters boast of the anti-fragile, distributed network of anti-Woke system resistance they represent / embody. But in reality – minus their actually competent fed infiltration component – they are a serum of disorganised conspiracy theorists / Larpers injected into an extraneous faction of Trump’s Boomer / Maga base. (…)”

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