Linkstorm XIV

Beautiful post by Sonya (supposedly), on the People of the Past: “(…) We ought to romanticize the past, and the people who made it. Ought is superfluous, though — it’s not like we can resist the urge. (…)”

Geoff Shullenberger from Outsider Theory provides outstanding intel on the intellectuals of Trumpism: “(…) The “long march through the institutions” undertaken by 60s radicals ended up not with the liberation of those institutions but with the integration of pseudo-liberationist ideologies into the worldview that sustains them. (…)”

Three stories of last week’s Happening by Curtis Yarvin: (…) I think something beautiful, actually, has happened. The world has clarified itself. Though not in a way that anyone believes, or will soon believe, it has taken a genuine step into the mind of its own future, and the future of its own mind. (…)”

A few thoughts on the Presidency by EvolutionistX: “(…) For these four years America has been essentially sans-president. (…)”

An audiovisual sample of Covidian Aesthetics by Mónica Belevan and Charles Curran: “(…) There are real limits, I believe ―acceleration and velocity foremost among them― to what can be accurately conveyed in writing about a world-historical shift of this magnitude and nature in real time. (…)”

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