Linkstorm XIII

War in the uncanny valley, a fantastic piece at Only Forward: “(…) What would be the effect on troop psychology when faced with mines which look and move just like animals? Like children? Mines which call to them in their own language, with unique deepfake synthesized voices? (…)”

On the threat of solar terminus and meteoric devastation, at Synnefocorp: “(…) The arachnidic head which we have constructed at the top of our world requires new and better eyes. (…)”

A long-awaited new post by EvolutionistX: “(…) most people today think the Nazis were evil. Not just run of the mill evil, like shoplifters or people who kick animals, but cartoonishly, over-the-top, literal-Satan evil (…)”

Inspiration from deep into the Tundra: “(…) Cryptogram/the Abomination That Causes Desolation/Dreaming of Machines/Slow Strangulation of the Mind/Verge Patience/Imperium/The Slope Is Amortized/Prairie Serif/Taiga/Howl/Magic & Technology/The Fossilists/The Cost of Ammo (…)”

New post On insectisation from Parallax Optics: “(…)Just like the Past, the Future has, in a sense, already ‘happened’. The Future ‘emerges’ out of the Past, while the Past ‘recedes’ from the Future. (…)”

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